How do I treat really dry skin on my dog?

  1. I was brushing my dogs hari tonight and his skin was flaking off everywhere - ewwwww.

    He's a pom but had to have his hair shaved off so now it's really short.

    Know any home remedies or stuff to buy to fix this? I'm thinking this ought to be pretty uncomfortable.

    Thanks =)
  2. Don't know any HOME remedies, but frequently long-haired (LH) dogs do suffer from dandruff, same as any person :sad:

    My smaller LH dog had it when I first got her as a pup, and she used to scratch and bite at herself! The vet recommended I use a medicated shampoo in any petstore for her monthly baths and keep brushing with a soft bristle brush to encourage skin health.

    She's 100% fine now. ;)
  3. After any medical (thyroid, etc) issues ruled out, try Omega Threes, Fatty acid supplements. Give them some time to work-30 days-they can make a really dramatic difference.
  4. ^^ I agree. Also flax seed oil in their food everyday. It's really good for their coat.
  5. My trainer said that the dog food can contribute to dry skin. She suggested feeding Fromm's 4 Star. My poochies don't have dry skin (and last winter was dryyyyyy) and they have the most wonderful shiny fur.
  6. I think i'll go buy new shampoo and also we just changed his dog food so maybe that's why the change in skin.
  7. My Chihuahua suffers from dandruff, we bought a bottle of shampoo for about 10.00 at the groomers. Its all natural and works amazingly. The bottle is (dang, cant figure out the word::brain fart::smile: but...its about a 16oz mix it 1 part to 6 parts water! It lasts FOREVER and works great. I will find the bottle and let you know what its called...
  8. Try Chlorhexiderm shampoo (might need to get from vet--not sure)

    Also, PetsMart sells an oil spray you can mist on them
  9. One of my beagles had dry skin, but with a good diet (a high quality dog food, we feed Solid Gold brand) with a flax seed oil supplement, she is doing much better in that area. Make sure you don't overbathe your dog, either; that strips them of the natural oils. My dogs only get bathed when absolutely necessary, and they have soft and shiny coats. When they do get a bath, I use an oatmeal shampoo and not one that is full of scents or dyes or anything (I've seen some nasty looking pink sweet scented shampoos before... that's not good for their skin!). Rinsing well is also important! Regular grooming will help, too (and by that I mean brushing, not a trip to the groomer).
  10. My vet also recommended this for my cat. Her dry skin cleared up within 2 weeks of me using it. Now I still give it to her in her food to keep her coat nice.
  11. We have had great results with salmon oil supplements. Two of our pups have dry, itchy skin, and we started adding salmon oil to their food. Within a few weeks, they were much better! Dogs LOVE salmon oil too!

    The salmon oil we use comes in a bottle with a pump. It's called "Grizzly" Salmon Oil, and we get it from a large pet supply store. You wouldn't need a big bottle for a little Pom. (Those little cuties are SO adorable!!!)

    Let us know how things go!