How do I tell?

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  1. I bought a LV key ring from Ebay for my brother's girlfriend and it never crossed my mind that it wasnt authentic, but now I'm not so sure and I dont know how to tell. Take a look and let me know your opinions. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. That's fake. LV never made that. Sorry.
  3. Looks fake to me-LV didn't make colors like that.
  4. the panda keyring was in their tan leather with no color, just imprint.
  5. Well, I did a little research and apparently this key ring IS real. It seems the US only saw the leather panda. However a while back they used the same panda and ONLY Japan saw certain renditions of it.
    Check it out.
  6. Where did you see that THAT key ring is real?... because it isn't. The PANDA is real, but that key ring and that necklace isn't real. It may have been made, but still those pieces in your pics are fake. Except the panda box. That's real. Plus, how much did you win that key ring for? The price is likely a dead give away.
  7. I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong here, I'm just trying to know for sure if I got ripped off. I havent found an actual picture of THIS panda on a key ring, but I figured since they did do the panda in these colors then it would be plausable that a key ring could exist. I only spent $16 so if it's not real then I wont be too dissapointed other than the fact that someone lied to me. Live and learn ~ Buyer beware ~ Etc. Etc.........
  8. Definitely a FAKE. If you paid through Paypal, put in a claim immediately and get your money back.
  9. As I said before, the keychain you won is fake. LV NEVER made a metal panda keychain. There was never one limited to Japan or anywhere else. The box in the first picture is a fake box. The vachetta panda keychain/extender has a datecode on it, does that one?
  10. Sorry sweetie, it's fake.
    The cheapest LV keyring is probably around $50...$16 definitely cannot get you a Panda keyring.

    And like other posters, I'm 100% sure LV did not produce a keyring like this. My Japanese friend said she's never seen anything like it.

  11. No one is trying to prove anyone wrong. We're just trying to help you since you did get ripped off and it IS fake, but you said you found out it is real. $16 still is way too much to pay for anything fake, so I also recommend requesting a refund from the seller or filing a Paypal claim immediately to get your money back. Good luck!
  12. According to what everyone here has told me, the key chain is fake. Which in itself wouldnt be such a big deal because it's for my brother's girlfriend and she sports knock off's. But if I'm understanding everone correctly, it's not just a fake, it never even exisited. It's a fake FAKE. I contacted the guy who sold it to me and he said he didnt know if was real or not because he's not an LV fan, and said I could return for a full refund plus s&h. So I guess my mission to authenticate the key ring is over. Thank you everyone for all of your input. :smile:
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