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How do i tell my cousin she carries fakes???

Oct 10, 2006
I need a little help from you ladies...

My cousin has this scumbag boyfriend that gives her "designer" handbags all the time. He lies to her and tells her he works in a factory where designers send their overstocks to be destroyed, and he says he saves some just for her. So about every month he brings her a "Louis Vuitton", "Coach", or "Gucci". I love my cousin, but she's the most naive person out there. So, she believes all of his lies, and wears them proudly because she thinks that they're real.

Now all of this is not my business, but last Christmas she gave them out as presents to our family. Some of the girls know that they're fake and they don't carry them, but most trust that they're real and wear them too. I now have about 5 women in my family that wear fake bags, and it's driving me crazy!

I tried clueing her in a couple of months ago by telling her that the Louis Vuitton she gave me shouldn't have come with hang tags, but she said no, it's definitely real.

How do I tell her that her bags are fake without sounding like a total snob???


May 22, 2006
wow this is an interesting case. what a scummy boyfriend of hers.

i think that you should get your hands on a bag that she has, a real one, and let her see for herself what a real one looks like.

that might help?

good luck.


Jul 30, 2006
Wow that's quite a pickle you're in there. Are they obvious fakes? Would you be able to point out significant differences besides the hang tags? It would be an embarrassing realisation, so you should let her down gently. Maybe you two should pay a visit to his workplace.


Jun 28, 2006
Wow. Seems like her boyfriend is a little strange, but probably just wants to make her happy. Maybe you can bring her to the boutiques to look at the bags or educate her more about it so she can detect fakes herself.

Good luck!


Jun 7, 2006
That's tough... if you're 100% certain the bags are fake, then bring it up to her gently. Say something along the lines that a detail is incorrect, and if you can, show her what the real detail should look like. Let her see with her own eyes... or ask her if she's gotten the bags authenticated. If you just flat out tell her, than she'll be upset and get defensive, especially if you don't have visible proof to back up what you say. And make it clear to her that these companies(as far as I know), only make their bags in their respective counties, ie Italy or France, so unless she lives in those countries, the authenticy of those bags are doubtful.

You don't want to accuse someone of a fake bag when it's indeed real, so make sure the bags are fake before you confront her.


Sep 4, 2006
Well although the BF is awful, I would just tell her the bags are fake and why they are fake and say perhaps your BF does not know they are fake as hes not an expert. That way you are not running the BF down you are making out he does not know, but I would tell the BF that you know these bags are fake.


Sep 9, 2006
Am I the only one who thinks you shouldn't tell her? If he's really a liar, he'll get caught in it eventually. Telling her the bags are fake will just get her angry with you, and she likely won't believe you since you've already tried bringing it up once.