How do I tell if it's a fake?

  1. Hi - I'm wondering if you seasoned designer purse vets out there can help me out with something. How do I tell if a Chloe Silverado python bag is a fake or not? It's black python. It looks like real snakeskin, not embossed leather. The hardware is all BRASS, and I'm wondering if it should actually be in a silver metal (why put brass on black, when silver looks so much better?). I know that the leather black Silverado has plain metal snaps, but I have no idea what the black python should have. The interior of the bag is lined in black. Please help!
  2. Hi torontotart and welcome! I don't know about silverados so hopefully someone who does will come along. If you could post pics it would sure be helpful. Good luck!
  3. Do you have a picture of the bag? It will help. Maybe you can check it against some of the python silverados on either NM or Bergdorf's website. It seems like the choco has brass hardware. I also know that the black leather has silver hardware. I just don't recall the black python hardware.