HOW do I take my shiny new Cara out for the first time??

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  1. Might be a stupid question... At least it feels very stupid..

    I got my oak Cara on thursday and shes been sitting in the box staring at me and looking pretty ever since... Havent even sprayed her with the colonil spray yet...

    I am soo terrified of anything that can hurt her... I am honestly not looking forward to taking her outside???:shrugs:

    Any advice? Did anyone feel the same way? :wondering
  2. :-s

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  3. Not a silly question, it took me 8 months I think to use my SDR the first time and it's a hardy little bag.

    Protect, protect, protect is my only advice

    Carry a plastic bag in case of downpour

  4. Every new bag gets "special 1st time out adventure."
    This can be as simple as lunch. Or as extravagant as theatre performance/museum exhibit.
    And anything inbetween.

    One bag was Christened on a trip to buy laundry soap.
    But I felt a million doing it. ;)

    Man in my life joins in sometimes, announcing, "New bag, let's go out!"
    Especially if bag was gift from him--enjoys seeing me wearing.
    Also, he's in for the snacks. Found as we adventure along. :biggrin:

    It becomes a ritual, a joy.
    That 1st trip out.
    Hope your cara enjoys hers. :smile:
  5. Get some collonil on her and take her out. Obviously if it looks like it's about to bucket down with rain abort that trip as she won't appreciate heavy rain on her.

    I've got an oak bays and I was the same. I only have one other oak bag and I managed to it her down in water on a table that I didn't see and it left a big old stain on her. ��

    Enjoy her though, don't hide her away,

    Have fun!
  6. I am new to Mulberry got a Putty Bayswater a few weekends ago. I am completely in love but the whole easily damaged, no rain, water marks thing is really stressing me. I totally want to buy an oak Cara or maybe SBS/Alexa (or maybe all 3!) but I want a bag I can use without stressing. I sprayed my putty and have used her quite a lot - I noticed a scratch on the handle already :tdown: but no dirt marks. I want a bag I can use and enjoy, if it gets soft and smooshy thats fine but I don't want to stress. Can I have Mulberry and be happy or is it just hard work to own?
    Oh and sorry if I have hijacked a thread/ been rude (new here too)
  7. (psst...I own both oak nvt double zip bays & bays tote.
    Spilled a cup of coffee on the zippy b. No damage. Because of my addiction to collonil layers.
    Liquids roll off.)

    Scuffs happen, with natural leather.
    But will blend in to look good.
    Use her. They keep improving with use, imo.
    Whether or not happy, your choice, absolutely.
  8. Thank you. I will def use the Colonil regularly, and I don't think I mind the loved look. Maybe I'll use this one for a few months and see how I feel before investing in another. My bank balance would prefer that too ;)
  9. Oh I'm the opposite, when I get a new bag I want to use it all the time. When I bought my oxblood cara the store advised to use the spray which I did. However, to be honest I use the bag daily and over time it has got a little marked but they way I see it in a worn in way. I now use the gel as it does buff the marks out a little . I would say go for it any enjoy it. Great choice by the way, love the keyring on it. I was tempted by the oak but went for the oxblood as I wanted my bays in oak ( which I now finally have), and sadly my budget does not lend to a bag too often.
  10. Oh I hear you! :weird:

    I'm taking mine out for the first time tomorrow (meeting a friend for lunch and a browse around the shops) and I'm half excited and half terrified :panic:

    I reckon it's one of those - once you do it once it'll get easier.

    I've given mine a good application of the collonil gel earlier today and have just this minute given it a thorough dose of the spray, so it's all ready and raring to go.

    Don't be scared; use it, enjoy it and love it, that's what it's for :love: Get the spray out, go on, go and do it now, it'll be fine!
  11. Such a good thread - wonder how many of us have suffered The Bag Fear? :rain: I've had bags sit unused for as long as a year because I wanted them to stay new looking, so daft, but I can't help it.

    Beautiful bag - my [hypocritical] advice would be coat with plenty of Collonil, then take her out, use her & enjoy her.
  12. I'm exactly the same, I use mine as soon as soon as I get them.

    I put two applications of the spray on and out we went.

    Mine is the blue camo though so is quite dark. I'm very protective of them though, especially my Alexa as its oak. I wouldn't take that one out if it was raining and I carry a plastic bag just in case.

    The way I see it they are for using and enjoying. The sa said to use the spray every six weeks if it was to be used everyday. I spray my others before storing away in their dustbags and again when I start using them again xx
  13. From my experience oak NVT is more prone to water marks then oxblood (I have both colors in that leather type). I also noticed that NVT leather can be a bit dry.. So what I do and would advise is to first start with some layers of Collonil gel and then spray it before tacking your bag out. I would not use the spray alone for this leather type.. It would make it too dry I think. Definitly use the gel before. And if you plan to use your bag in winter and summer don't hesitate with the protection layers..
    For me oak NVT needs babying but it's really a beautiful color!
    Hope this helps, enjoy your lovely bag!

  14. My man is the same!
  15. It'll be fine so long as you use the Collonil gel and spray, all bags will wear a bit eventually as it's inevitable. After you've given your bag a thorough Collonil pamper leave for a couple of days to allow it to fully soak in and dry to form the protective water barrier.