How do I take care of my Damier Speedy?

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  1. I purchased a Damier Speedy 30 earlier this week and LVoe it sooo much:heart:! I've used it every single day and it still look good, but how do I take care of her for years to come?
  2. Seems there is minimal care for the damier line compared to the bags with vachetta. Just the occasional babywipe is all you need!
  3. When my Damier Speedy got dirt on, I just wiped it off with damp cloth. You can read the care instrction on LV website.
  4. What about the white marks that the Damier Canvas seems to acquire any advice?
  5. I use baby wipes to remove white marks.
  6. how long does the damier speedy last for if taken good care of it?
  7. A customer at Gap told me her monogram speedy was 20 years old. It looked old, but still very decent looking. She told me it's very durable. I believe the monogram speedy's quality is equal to the damier, so it'll last you for yyeearrsssssss.
  8. I agree - it is very durable. I even dropped my Speedy (soooo sorry!!!) on grainy floor and it did'nt even got a scratch. Of course I would not drop it a second time...!
  9. I scratched my Mono Neverfull at a corner of the rough wall of my house - I could HEAR the scratch and feared the canvas/silicone might be scratched, since there where white lines visible.

    I whiped over the a few times, spitted on my finger :drool: and gone was anything that might have been there.

    When I turned the bag later on I could not even tell anymore which side had scratched along the wall.

    I just wonder if the canvas might break or get bad at that part of the bag sooner than the rest of the bag.

    Otherwise the coating seems to be thick and hey guys: LV was invented for travelling! * bumm bam poof drop sqeeze *
  10. no cares at all. That's what I do for my damier trevi pm. do nothing!