How do I stop receiving these....

  1. I am always getting tons of messages on eBay disguised at the outset as questions for bidders and they always say this...

    hello ,friend,here is Yang ,i am a Chinese eBay supplier of Clothing, Shoes & Accessories,i can offer a lot of the products,and from the long time cooperate with the frends whom like you sell on eBay .we have set up the power way to do this business .i think if we try our best ,we can set up the cooperations too .and then make money together . ok ,friend, thank you for reading the letter . if you have the same opinion ,please contact with me ,and i can reply you very soon. email or the msn ID: website: website: website:

    How and WHYYYY do I keep getting these and how do I make them stop!!! SOOOO ANNOYING!:cursing:
  2. yes we all get them now:hysteric: , no way of stopping it i just patiently report each and every one
  3. I know how frustate you're! I feel the same, too :cursing: Unfortunately, although we've stated in our auction, don't spam me or something like that but they look have no eyes or can't read. They'll keep send that message! Don't reply anything but click "reporting it" button place on eBay, my message page, bottom-right-hand-side. Report it as offer to buy out of eBay, the question not relate eBay acution, abuse eBay policy by selling fake.
  4. I don't think it's a case of them not reading your auction - I think some of them are automated from hacked accounts. I don't actually think anyone is sat there reading your auction. I have put a disclaimer like that on my auctions and there has definately been a reduction, but also make sure you report every single thing.

    I don't see why ebay can't use spam technology - email companies and web providers have it cracked, don't see why it's so hard for ebay. Oh wait, it might cost the greedy gits money.
  5. I have been getting the same type of message and it's getting quite annoying. When I was selling a high end bag a few weeks ago I was getting the same message 10 times per day, always from different hacked accounts. It's very annoying! I wish there was something I could do too besides just reporting it to eBay!
  6. I actually started posting them on my auctions under questions from buyers...just because I was getting so frustrated! I also report them to ebay.

    Just the other day, I received an email from an ebayer who was so apologetic because she didn't send the email, her account was obviously hacked and she didn't even know it! So if I didn't post the question, she would have no idea. Now I think it's a good idea to post all those questions.

    If someone hacked into my account, I would want to know!
  7. Just keep reporting them to ebay. I also responded once directly to the solicitator and told them that they should never contact me again and that I reported them to ebay. This particular one stopped but others still do come..
  8. Grrrrrr!!!
  9. Yeah - I get this garbage, too. I get 10 or so of these a day. No lie. And they come both through eBay, and STRAIGHT into my yahoo account, too. That's what I get for posting my contact information in my store to ensure "superior customer service." :sos: Ugh.
  10. keep reporting them.....