how do I stop my obsessive-compulsive buying

  1. I cant stop. Lolz. its crazy, especially with the discount you are getting from Macys.

    I just bought lamore in gioco and campeggio, then i bought dolce and luna famiglia. Then today i bought pirata gioco. this has got to stop. someone has to help me stop. haha:okay:
  2. :lol: join the no help either..I too bought inferno/pirata zucca, lamore denaro/dolce, adios dolce.. :lol:--but I didnt get it at macys! :sad: lol congrats on your new bags!!
  3. :'( i just recently got into tokidoki... ive known about it for awhile but my friend showed me a lamore print and the bright yellows and pinks werent my thing... but after going to AX i saw lots of tokidoki bags and noticed they come in different prints... so yea... that as like 2 weeks ago... and i only decided to buy bags last week... and ive already purchased 4... @_@;
  4. I am no help at all either. And just like a compulsive addict, I always justify my addiction with some sort of excuses. Anyone here wants to form a TOKIDOKI ANONYMOUS?
  5. meee!

    iono whenever i see something i like i jsut buy it... i know i shouldnt though cuz i spend too much moneyz :[ besides this ive been collecting Vivienne Westwood accessories for over a year... and thats like D: waaah lol
  6. Gaahaahhahaa!! I'm no help either...I want more more more!! I wish my Macy's would give me the sale everyone else is getting. :sad:
  7. mwhahaha Im glad Im not there or else I would buying tons!
  8. yeah and ppl always ask,so why do you need to buy so many different style in the same print? hm...i dunno...cuz it just looks so good on different style. haha
  9. haha i agree...look at me and my crazy infernos!:lol:
  10. :p for those with husbands, boyfriends, or guy friends in general... just dont tell them the bags are $1xx.xx they wont understand lol.

    id tell my friends like "hey look at my new ring i bought it for 300 bucks" and they would respond with a "omg really? i can probably buy like 500 video games with that money" haha
  11. I went a little crazy at one point, got most of my bags in a short period of time. After the last one, I felt a bit queasy about authorizing yet another paypal transfer and just decided OKAY DONE. In retrospect, I don't think I've gone overboard. But if I was, I'd be sure to leave tags on and save receipts in order to undo as much damage as possible later. It helps to check your bank account statement and see all the activity in the debits column. ;)
  12. SERIOUSLY. I do that to myself. I see the prices of other handbags, and I think "I can not justify a bag that costs as much as my top of the line computer!"
  13. lol... I kno seriously... I need a new laptop and yet I'm still buyin tokidoki!
  14. well, all my other friends are into Coach, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton. So it makes my boyfriend a little bit relieve that my tokidoki bags are never that expensive. I tell him, would you rather me get 10 discounted tokidoki bags or 10 regular price Balenciaga or coach? haha....

    I hate buying bags because it always goes out of style and I'd never keep it for a year. With tokidoki bags, its just so different, every print is so unique and adorable. People just look at your bags everywhere you go.

    I saw a girl with a fake tokidoki and I just couldnt help but stare at the fabric. lolz. but the coloration looks very real.
  15. i feel you. we keep saying we dont have money for things, but we would always find ways to have money for tokidoki bags. haha