How do I send one invoice for 2 items?

  1. Hi~
    I'm new to selling on eBay and dont know many tricks of the trade yet. I have a buyer who purchased two items. I tried use to send invoice button, but it would only send an invoice for that one item. How do I link the two into one invoice :confused1: ? Thanks for your help, I'm totally lost with out it!
  2. There should be a box next to the sold items, you just click the boxes for both items and then hit send invoice.
  3. I tried that, and it's not working!
  4. Did you already send them an invoice for the item(s) individually? If you did then you can't send them a combined one now. There was a glitch with eBay a while back that wouldn't let me combine invoices at all....that could be happening again.

    If all else fails, send one of the invoices with an adjusted shipping total..that is what I had to do.

    Good luck.