How do I safely polish hardware on a Marc Jacobs bag?

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  1. I just sold a Venetia bag on eBay to fund my recent splurges at NM. The bag is used and I fully disclosed all wear and tear. Even so, the winning bidder spent much more than I expected (about 58% of retail) and more than I spent on the bag at a previous NM clearance event. I already gave her free shipping and insurance because the bag went for so much. I would really like to WOW her with the bag's condition when she receives it so that it is even better than in the pictures and the description. I pride myself on being a VERY honest and extremely fair eBay seller. I have leather cleaner for the exterior. The interior suede is stained (as disclosed) so I am going to leave that alone. I would like to polish the hardware. It is nickle plated. How do I polish it without damaging the plating?
  2. I recommend Cape Cod polishing cloths. They work well.