How do I retract a bid?

  1. Hi ladies. Okay, so I placed a bid on an item (a vince sweater coat), and the picture shows the sequinned sash (the whole point of the sweater coat), but the seller is not including it according to the auction. I did not see that part, but why say that and show a picture of the coat with the sash?! Very stupid IMO... so how can I retract a bid, and will it affect my feedback? I have 100% feedback, but I will not pay for an item should I win it that does not include the main part of it... fabric loops without a belt, I don't know about that! Any suggestions/tips, because I'm new to this.

  2. Go to your "my eBay" - click on "All Buying" it will refresh your screen (left hand side). Scroll to the bottom, and on left hand side you will see your "related links" and a list, the last link says "more...", click on "more..." It will take you to a new screen. You will see all of your buying options and you should see a link for "Retracting a Bid". Just click and follow directions.

    Retracting a bid does not hurt your feedback, but eBay does keep a record of bid retractions and it will show up under your feedback score. If you are a habitual retracter, you may start to receive warnings from eBay. I think eventually, you can get suspended but I think it would have to be agregious retracting.
  3. You can also contact the seller and ask them to cancel your bid. If they are nice, then they'll oblige and you won't get a retraction mark against your name.
  4. Thanks so much ladies. He said he wouldn't mind at all if I did retract the bid, I will do so. Thanks again! No point whatsoever to get a sweater coat that is belted minus the belt! :smile:

  5. i have been contacted when a buyer wanted to retract a bid. they give a reason and it is super simple for the seller to do.
  6. If it's a simple mistake then I don't mind cancelling bids, but when the bidder doesn't ask all questions or doesn't read the description, and if I can tell that they are a bad bidder then I insist they do the retraction so they get the retraction mark against them. It's not fair that they get a clean slate when they bid in error.