How do I restore the color in suede sections of my Coach purse?

  1. I always sit my Coach purse on the front seat or it sits in my lap but I never let it sit on the floor. Well yesterday I accidentally put a windex bottle, not thinking anything of it, on the front seat with my Coach purse and liquid seeped out of the Windex bottle onto the bottom of my purse and some of the hot pink color bleed from the suede (1/2 wide about 4 inches long). I don't know what to do....the hot pink color bleed onto my white guess sweater that it was sitting on but that was fine after I washed it, it came out completely with no stains. Has anyone ever had this happen to them????? :shrugs: I assume it was something in the chemical mix of the Windex bottle because I take out in the rain all the time and I'm never had a problem with it, I also water treated the suede.
  2. Oh wow! Sorry to hear about that...

    That's never happened to any of my bags. The only problem with suede that I've had is trying to keep it clean.... Have you called Coach CS to see what they'd advise? Which bag was it?