HOw do I report this company that makes fake GUCCI to GUCCI?? Is there a phone #???

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  1. How do I report this company that makes fake Gucci to Gucci?? Is there a phone #??? They are the biggest supplier of fake bags and watches tp the US and other countires around the world. How can we stop them?? Is there an address to write to or a phone #? I can't find anything. This is the company:

    please do not post links

    Thanks and hope someone can help me to report this terrible place. Without them we may have stopped more than 1/2 of all fake bags and watches that enter the US.

    Mitch :smile:
  2. 5 posts same posts in 5 seperate designer forum threads I smell a rat. IMHO I would not click on that link
  3. what's going on????? hhhhmm...
  4. HMmmm .... How horrible! Thanks swanky~ I think I would have clicked it just to see whats going on.
  5. If this person is a spammer I think this thread needs to be closed