How do I report inappropriate text messages?

  1. I've been getting these text messages from a certain phone number, mostly very sexual and inappropriate. I am not calling the number on it, as I am pretty sure it is some sort of sex chat line. I am not involved in any myspace stuff, or any other internet stuff for that matter, so I know it's just a random ad.

    I am fed up! I know the phone number. How the hell do I report it? I am tired of it and want to end it for once and all, especially since these messages are coming from 1 number.

    BTW I did a reverse phone # lookup and it's not published (duh).
    I also registered my phone number months ago on the government website that is supposed to block these telemarketing stuff.

    Any suggestions?
  2. I'd call your cell provider and ask them for advice....
  3. call your phone provider and have them block the number from calling or texting you.
  4. ^ Yes, you can get certain numbers blocked. They can't call or text you. Sometimes people who don't have texting plans and don't want to pay the fee to read them just block all incoming messages. Just call your service provider and explain briefly what is going on.
  5. Are you certain it's not someone you know having a go at you? Either way, I agree with the others - call and have the number blocked. The police might have a couple of suggestions too; try calling their general enquiries line, or popping in to a station and asking...
  6. I used to get loads of prank calls, so I went to t-mobile (which was my server at the time) and they put this thing on my phone which blocked out unknown cell-numbers. This helped alot. :yes:
  7. You can also contact the FCC. It's illegal to harass someone over phone lines.
  8. Yes I am pretty sure.

    In any case, I called verizon wireless, and they said I CAN'T block a specific number from texting or calling me. As I know this can be done in other networks, I was like WTF... but she was like "Sorry there's nothing we can do for you."

    So, as a last resort, I had my text feature itself blocked. I don't do a whole lot of text messaging to begin with (just not really my thing), and I will just email ppl not to text me anymore I guess.

    However, I want to mention that I am VERY frustrated & disappointed with the quality of verizon wireless customer service.
  9. I tried to do this with my cell phone provider and they told me that there was no way that I could block a number from calling me, I would just have to change my number :tdown:
  10. ^ yeah I'm with t-mobile and I can't get a specific numbers blocked either. Makes no sense to me...
  11. Really? That's unfortunate...I personally have not done it, I just heard about it.
  12. If u have verizon they won't block it, but they won't charge to change ur number... can u reply? if so tell them u contacted ur lawyer about txtual harrassment and see if they back off. f u can reply and that doesn't work post their number on some message board and let everyone call them (if it's an actual person)
  13. ^ Don't do that!! There are more mature ways to deal with this... :yes:
  14. I know that's why I said the first thing. That usualy scares them off. BUt this happened to me right after I graduated college and was looking for a job so I did not want to change my number as that was what was on my resume but that ish was ANNOYING!
  15. ^^Oh, I am not gonna post it on websites, etc... Gosh, I don't have time/energy to deal with the drama believe it or not...

    Since I blocked the text feature, the problem has been solved...for now.

    But I am disappointed to learn that phone numbers cannot be blocked as well as for the quality of Verizon Wireless's CS. I told her these were very inappropriate and disturbing messages coming from a number I have no knowledge of, and she didn't give a ****. I would have at least sounded concerned! :cursing: