How do I replace my Fendi strap?

  1. I have a Fendi that I bout like 3 yrs ago. I had worn it so much until one day the strap started to fall apart. I really need to get another strap but I don't know how to go about it. I have called the main Fendi stores in NYC and to no avail. I would love to start wearing it again. Can anyone help??? I am trying so hard to find the darn receipt. I have the authenticity card but the numbers have rubbed off????????????? What is a girl to do? Oh by the way I purchased it at off 5th Saks. They referred me to Fendi.
  2. fendi's policy is that they usually don't take back items to be fixed unless it was bought from a fendi boutique (especially the fendi boutique you're bringing it to be fixed) or the manager lets them take it in to fix it
  3. arghhh, this is frustrating. How about purchasing a dang strap, possible?
  4. A purse repair shop and some shoe repair shops might be able to make a strap that would work, be very similar, but would not be original Fendi. If you can't locate a good shop, Saks, NM, bg or Nordies might be able to refer you to the repair shop they use.
  5. I would try any local shoe repair guy you may have where you live. They will do the same thing Fendi will do. Probably for cheaper!