How do I repair a small tear on vachetta of Petit Noe?

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  1. I bought a vintage Petit Noe from Fashionphile. This is my 1st pre-loved LV. The pictures on Fashionphile looked great. However, I received the bag today and there is a tear on the top of the vachetta that was not described in the listing. I am extremely disappointed. Is this something that can be fixed? If so, can I do it myself or will I need to bring it into a leather repair shop? Does anyone know how much a repair like this would cost? I wasn't sure where to post this thread so I hope this is the right spot. Thank you!

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  2. I dont think you can do it yourself. It is repairable though (if the canvas is the one that broke then it cannot be fixed). I also bought a vintage noe with cracks in the leather parts, i just left it as it is, but i can pay a restoration company to replace the cracked parts, but i wanted to retain the original leather parts so i opted not to.

    LV repairs them but maybe more expensive, especially that it's normal wear and tear.
  3. Louis Vuitton can repair your bag so that's where I would start. Take the bag to your local boutique for an accurate estimate. They can quote a replacement of the top trim or a replacement of all leather parts on the bag. It looks like you need a new drawstring as well. The leather on your bag is very dry and needs to be taken care of.

    If it were me, I would return the bag to FP for a refund or ask them for a partial refund to compensate for the undisclosed tear in the leather, which will result in additional repair costs for you.
  4. Cannot and don't do it yourself
    Send to lv let them handle
    It needs to be changed
  5. +1

    Given the likely value of the bag it may not be economically viable to invest in replacing the leather - you would probably be better off returning it and investing a little more in one which is intact (if you can).
  6. Thanks for your replies. This helps a lot. Other than the tear on the top of the bag, it is in really good vintage condition. The canvas looks brand new and the interior is spotless. This bag was made in 1989! I am having a very difficult time reaching anyone at Fashionphile. They don't answer their phones or call back. I paid $350 for this bag. Do you think this is a fair price? Here is an full picture of the bag along w the ebay listing. However, I did not purchase through Ebay, but directly from their website since it was around $30 less.

  7. Well. Sorry but you cant anthing for it. You could take repair shop but the best they can do is remove that leather part and stitch up same color leather and same color yarn
  8. The point is that leather called VEGETAL. Its a special kind of leather. When you buy a new LV bag, its beige color and it becomes peanut color after a while. If some prepair it, you should have same kind of leather and you can make it authentic color by vaseline to make match with other leather part of bag
  9. I'm looking to purchase a Louis Vuitton Noe preloved from eBay and want to get all the leather replaced on it. Does anyone know the price to have this done? The current retail price of the bag is $1440 US. The eBay price is around $300. The canvas and interior are in great shape and it's an older model with thicker canvas. Any info would be great. I know I can take it in to LV to get a quote but there's no store near me so I'd have to make the purchase then send it in for a quote and if the cost is too high I'd rather not take the chance on the purchase.