How do I remove scratches from my Ergo tote?

  1. So, I have the large Ergo tote in camel and it has a few scratches on it. Is this leather like the legacy bags? I read it's glove tanned leather but I'm not sure what I can put on it. I have Applegard Conditioner that I've used on other bags. Can I use it on this leather? Sorry to start a new thread about this but I searched and I just kept getting a blank page! Thanks a bunch!
  2. I always thought that you could the moisturizer on glove tanned leather. BTW...I saw the black ergo shoulder bag at the outlet last night and while that was not my style....the leather is to die for. It is soooooooo soft! I bet the tote is georgous!
  3. I don't understand what it is about Coach and not moisturizing leather. :hysteric: Leather has life! I use Appleguard on all my leathers, pebble, legacy vintage and I used it on my turquoise ergo (and it is color fast). It is always a good idea to protect and moisturize leather to help reduce stains and repel water and mostly to retain it's supple life. If the oil of your fingers is used to rub away a scratch certainly Appleguard does the same thing.

    However, the Appleguard will not remove the surface scuffs from the ergo (a finished leather) but it may help reduce it a little.
  4. when i bought my ergo tote, he said that i COULD use the moisturizer on it. i use it on everything seriously, except my ali. i definitely used it on my carly, because my bag looks GREAT, and if you could see how i use it, it should look much worse.
  5. I have used leather conditioner on all my Coaches without any issues. Just test a small spot first.

    It has either made scratches disappear or barely noticable so I think it should help. I use Lexol conditioner and haven't tried wha you have but I'm sure it' fine as long as it doesn't have oil, pertroleum, etc.
  6. Thanks everyone! I used a small amount on the bottom of the bag and didn't notice any problems so will condition it tomorrow. The leather on this bag is so incredibly soft, I cannot stop petting it! I would imagine conditioning it would just make it even better!

    86leo: I'm not sure about the leather on that bag that you pictured. It looks like pebbled leather which I believe can be moisturized. Someone else may know better than I do though.