How do I remove a perfume odor?

  1. I purchased really nice, gently used black Mahala off eBay a few months ago, thank you to all that helpeed authenticated it for me. I love it, except is smells of the previous owner perfume. Which is okay, but not really something I want to be smelling ALL the time. How do I safely remove this odor? By the way, it does not seem to have had the perfume spilled in there, just aborbed from her using the bag. TIA.
  2. I read somewhere that if you put an open box of baking soda inside the bag, put it in the dustbag, tie it up and let it sit for a day or two, that it would help.
  3. aa - you can try a couple of things. One is to pull out the lining and expose it to the sun for a few hours. Some perfumes will volatilize in sunlight. Other perfumes are made with wazy bases. In this case, you may need to spray the moleskin lining lightly with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle, and allow to dry. Another option is to hang your purse near an ionizing air cleaner...the ozone molecules produced by the cleaner can help destroy the odor. Good luck!
  4. I received a bag that had a pretty strong perfume smell, NOTHING worked EXCEPT:

    Get a big cardboard box...enough to put the bag in it and have about 3 inches on each side, then crumple newspaper and stuff it in the bag and all around the bag, seal it up and wait 2 days. Take out the paper, and smell the paper, it will smell like perfume. Repeat this process until the smell is gone. I had to do it about 4 times.
  5. Thanks I will try all three suggestions.
  6. You can also try dryer sheets...they sometimes work well on certain odors.
  7. I purchased a Chloe that had perfume smell. The only thing that worked for me was to send it to Lovin My Bags and have the 'boxed ozone treatment'. It cost $60 and was worth every penny. They leave it in the box for a few days.

    Some good dry cleaners in bigger cities have these 'ozone boxes' too.
  8. I have tried the dryer sheets and that helped alittle. I'm currently doing the newspaper option. I did have a towel stuff in there to hold the shape with the dryer sheets. I removed the towel today, and it smelled of perfume. So hoping the newpaper trick will work. I did not have a cardboard box, so I used one of my kids plastic totes we put toys in. I hope that work as well. It's funny once you notice the smell you sort of focus on that. I find myself becoming obsessed with the odor. :o)
  9. Good to know it is slowly working out for you! :tup:
  10. I have good luck with dryer sheets and leaving the bag outside in a shady spot on a clear breezy day (or in a room with the windows open and a fan blowing).
  11. In case someone else has this problem, the newpaper trick seems to be working. Yeah! So far I have changed the papers twice. I did try dryer sheets before this, but that left dryer sheet smell. No odor other than leather, I think. I have smelled the bag so much I'm not quite sure it's gone. So I will change them again tomorrow. Thanks so much all the advice.
  12. I wonder if that works for smoke. I just got an eBay bag that smells strongly of the wacky weed.

  13. For what its worth...
    Here's my experience with a smelly bag...Hope it helps...:shame:

    The dryer sheets only cover one odor with another sweet smelling odor. Like not taking a bath but wearing perfume....:nogood:

    I tried turning the liner inside out...hung it in the Son ... Took a damp cloth and wiping the inside out, sprayed a little fabreze on it very carefully...It helped for a short while...But it didn't last.

    Finally, I called Lovinmybags and they sent me these little squares that absorbed most of the odor for a while...but it started coming back...

    So I finally broke down and sent it to Lovinmybags for a 2 week vacation at the Spa...They Ozoned it, cleaned the lining and the leather and waterproofed it inside and out...Even touched up the leather where it had some fading...Got it back last week and she's one happy camper...:yahoo:
    No Smells... She looks like a little "Rock Star"...:jammin:
  14. Was this problem solved? I got a Chanel GST that smells like the entire perfume vial exploded in it. I tried the whole fabric sheet thing, even scrubbed it with soap and the smell gives me a headache.
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    I bought a bag years ago that smelled like 'old smoke', which drove me crazy. I tried Febreeze, dryer sheets, etc. (only masked the odor temporarily), I didn't try the newspaper trick (didn't know about it), but did have success with the open box of baking soda inside the bag (carefully), tie it up in the dustbag and set in the sun (if possible) or outside - it eventually worked. It did take a while and patience. I have a large screened pool area which is partially undercover and it was a great area for deordorizing the bag.