How Do I Recreate This?

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  1. [​IMG]does anyone know where i can buy jewelry like this?
  2. Looks like they are made of shells or stones? I see them in those little karts near the beach or at some mall during the summer.
  3. I have seen necklaces like that at Pacific Sunwear and New York and Company they are pretty cheap too! Kenneth Cole also sells a line similar to that!
  4. If all else fail, you can always just make it yourself. Necklaces are really easy to make if you have a bead store in your town. You would be able to make matching bracelet and earing or make any color you like too.
  5. Is it a print ad or from a magazine? Often that info is available.
  6. Try diffrent surf shops
  7. I agree with you on making your own necklaces. There are some really great shops around aarti, especially if you are from NJ. Not sure where in Jersey you live, but there are 2 great stores that I go to when I'm place in Princeton and another place in Colts Neck. If you are interested in knowing more, PM me.
  8. stuff like that is fairly 'in' right now so you should be able to find it if you look around at malls and stuff
  9. Although I cannot see the detail of the necklace that well, I bet you could easily make both from supplies bought at craft stores - Hobby Lobby, Michael's etc. The shorter one looks like a simple shell pendant of some sort on suede or leather and the second looks like it is made from shell beads, too. Not sure on the pendant of that one. (I am a jewelry designer and there are some great online stores I could send you to, if needed.) Give it a try! Although I will warn you, it is addictive!