How do I really get his head turning?

  1. Ok, I'm like THIS CLOSE to being in a relationship with a guy I've been in love with since I was 11 (i'm turning 17 next week).

    I'm 5'4, lon blonde hair, blue eyes, relatively slim, a solid size 10, plae skin. Anyway, I mostly seem him at church on Sunday's, so I always get to dress up nice. I'm planning on like a black pencil skirt and maybe a black lace sweater thing with these KILLER shiny black pumps I bought yesterday. What I wanna know should I do my hair that will give him the most "oh my God I hurt my neck my head turned so fast" effect. Better yet, ANYTHING to give him that effect.
  2. Wear it down, long and straight.
  3. use those large barrel velcro rings that you can stick into your hair. leave it for about half an hour to an hour, and then remove them. flip your head over and use your fingers to mess everything up. lightly spray a medium hold hairspray into section by section to give that "my hair's so sexy, just like me!" kinda look. good luck!
  4. I'm with coachwife. Just let your hair do the work.

    And just a subtle touch of brown eye shadow/liner can make blue eyes really stand out... :smile:
  5. I agree with this!
  6. Thanks guys! I need all the help I can get.
  7. I agree also!
  8. :wlae: btw, keep your make-up simple and clean. look like the perfectly groomed girl..NOT the overdone despo! hehe. use a LIGHT blusher to give a nice glow, and a gorgeous lipgloss. top it off with a simple and clean eyeliner with loads of mascara on curled lashes.
  9. Got it! I usually keep my make up clean. I went through a phase where I wore like dark dark dark brown, close to black eyeliner. I looked like a Racoon. The only thing I may over do sometimes is my concealer. I have some really bad acne scars but a fantastic sometimes I use a little much.
  10. I don´t know your man, but I know that men usually prefer subttle....I mean "usually" bc of course I have 1 friend who goes for tranvestites types.
    But dress so that you feel sexy but comfortable, just be yourself.
    Hair -> yes agree with the girls, long hair are fantastic !!
    Make up -> suttle (you´re only 17), a bit of lipgloss and mascara will do wonders,
    and be confident, happy and smile ! attitude does a lot.
    Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!