How do I re-name a link?

  1. If there's alreasy another thread pls close

    When I post and want to add a link I can't re-name it for example like this: click here
    I get click etc.

    I hope this makes sence...

  2. hmmm, i don't know if i understand what you mean... just mark the 'here' and overwrite it...
  3. testing...
  4. OMG!!!Thank you so much!LOL!it works!
  5. okay...lost me on that one...[​IMG] what do you mean by "mark the here" and what do you mean by "overwrite" it... ?
  6. it's like copy-paste.step by step:
    1. you write in simple letters what you want to appear as a link
    2. you mark it(make it blue like in copy)
    3. you press Insert link while you still have the blue marked word(s)
    4. you write the link in the pop-up window and
    5. you have a link with your own words.

    I hope this helps.
  7. ^ yep!

    glad, it worked! :biggrin:
  8. ooooh..... I'm a dunce. I see it now.... thanks!
  9. you're welcome!^
  10. It sort of worked for me...
  11. Ah ha! I just need to learn to follow directions! Thank you SO much!
  12. testing
    Yay! It works! Thank you!! :smile: