How do I provide link to another thread....

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  1. How do I provide a link to another thread within my post?
  2. highlight the web address of the page you want to link to. When you highlight it press crtl-c together to copy it, go to your thread/post and press ctrl-v to paste it.
  3. I wanted to direct someone to a nother thread in my post and I wanted to put a link of that thread into my post. When I try to highlight the thread I want to copy, per your instructions, it will not let me highlight it (I get the circle with the line through it). Sorry for my ignorance, any idea what I'm doing wrong?
    Thanks again Swanky Mama!
  4. How do I provide link to another thread....
  5. ^^What the heck is that? this is what I get when I tried to crtl c/crtl v after highlighting it....ugh! It's copy and paste, but not allowing someone to go directly to that thread by clicking on that link.....:confused1: :shame:
  6. copy the WEB ADDRESS, the one up in your navigation bar, usually starts w/ http://
  7. Thank you! That was infinitely frustrating for me! You are very patient and I appreciate it!:flowers:
  8. YEA!!! You got it!!!:choochoo: