How do I prove I sent the item back for credit?

  1. At the end of November, I purchased an MJ bag from Bergdorf Goodman. I knew right away I didn't want it so I returned it using their enclosed return form the same day.

    Stupid me, I didn't keep the stub with the tracking number on it. They have not credited my account and Amex is telling me before I get a credit I need to provide them with proof of mailing. How can I prove I mailed it back? I'm thinking there's also a slight possibility of a lag in crediting my account because of the holiday.
  2. its actually YOUR responsibility to put insurance on the item before sending...regardless of the prepaid labels.If not..There is NO way to prove it...SO sorry!
  3. Crap! Well, I will just cross my fingers that it hasn't shown up because of the holiday yet ... holding my breath here!
  4. I bought a croc bag over the phone from Bergdorfs & the skins didn't take the dye correctly so I return it. They told me NOT to send it to the warehouse (cause it could get lost!) & they had me send it to the sales rep in the store right to the bag department.
  5. OH NO!!!! Good luck.. I really hope it shows up now that Christmas is over.
  6. I always assumed that the pre-paid labels included insurance!! That is crazy that they don't! I won't be using those anymore. Also, I assumed that they would have the tracking number in the system at the store that you ordered from. Since they send you the pre-paid stub, I always thought that they also tagged your order in their computer system with the tracking number. Wishful thinking I guess! I hope that everything can be worked out with AmEx!
  7. woah, that is a long time to be waiting for a return credit regardless if its the holidays or not. eesh, i'm not too sure how to prove that you shipped the item if you didnt keep the tracking stub so hopefully you get the credit back soon.

    wait... can you call bergdorf and see if they happen to have the return tracking number that is included with your order? (i'm assuming bergdorf works the same as NM and the return shipping form is connected to your order, sorry if it isnt).

    good luck, keep us updated!!
  8. You may have already tried this, but if not, an e-mail or call to BG's customer service may tell you that the item was received for return. They can also give you the date they issued the credit. Then you can call your CC to make sure they got the credit. This happened to me with BG and the confusion went on for two billing cycles before it got worked out. Hopefully when I get this month's bill everything will be correct.

    It really wasn't anyone's fault. It was only that BG received the return just as my billing cycle was ending. For some reason it took about another three or four weeks for them to issue the credit. Then when they did it went through one day before my billing cycle closed. So now I have to wait until this month (hopefully) to get it. It was just bad timing.

    Good luck to you. I've returned several things to BG over the years and they always get it right...slowly, but right.
  9. Leelee, thanks for the advice. I will definitely email BG and tell them I sent it back for a refund. Hopefully they are just slow in processing it. I really don't want to pay for a bag that I sent back!
  10. Ooh, happy dance time!

    I just checked BG online and my account is showing that they received the bag back. Yea!
  11. Oh, thank goodness! That's a relief, I know! In my experience, it may take a little longer for the credit to come through, but, YEA!!!!
  12. Yeah - I was gonna say, don't worry about it too much. When you send things back via their "enclosed return label" it often takes forever in my experience. well, forever and a week because of the holiday season :smile:
  13. It's definitely taken a long time for returns with BG/Nm for me as well. Once I sent back a pair of shoes, went away for 3.5 weeks to the Middle East, then went to a meeting back in the US and finally got the credit when I returned.

    It's almost like they knew I was gone and they didn't have to rush or anything.:shrugs:
  14. I was going to say the same thing ^. For some reason, BS and NM (perhaps because they are both owned by NM) take forever to issue credits. I've waited as long as 6 weeks even though the item was received in 4 days.

    I always do a "call tag" via NM, Saks or BG. That way, they have a record of my calling, a record of the call to Fed Ex. Fed Ex does NOT leave a tracking slip, so unless I am there when they pick up, I have to trust the dept. store and their record keeping. So far, there has never been a problem.

    Congrats that every thing worked out!!
  15. Good thing you got it there... what a nightmare if it were lost. I wonder what they would do in that case, if you claimed it was lost...