How do I properly care for my first LV's?


Dec 29, 2006
Hello! I am new to tPF, and happy to be here! I have recently purchased two Louis Vuitton bags - a Drouot and a Speedy 30. I often visit, and have learned about Apple Guard. My question is, how do I properly care for my LV's? How often do I use the Apple Guard, and do I use it only on the leather, or on the monogram canvas as well? Thanks so much for the information. I want to care for them well so I will get to share many years of enjoyment with them! :smile:


Jun 23, 2006
hi and welcome!!!:smile:
you can do a search on cleaning and caring for LV
there are a lot of threads about it and you could get a lot of tips!:smile:
I use the apple cleaner conditioner on mine and
and use baby wipes on stains.
I sprayed the vachetta with shining monkey to protect my bags too.
I clean, condition and protect only once in a while...
depends on the use

Congrats on your new LV's and I'm sure you'll be buying more soon:graucho: