How do I prevent bbag from sagging in the bottom?

  1. I only have a FIRST & I am worry that if I put my wallet, makeup, etc in my bag, the bottom part of my bag will stuff in the bag will also stretch the leather too. How can I prevent bbag from sagging? Is bbag suppose to be like that?? Anybody line the bottom of their bag with a piece of cardboard in the FIRST, CITY, etc to prevent it from sagging?
  2. my first's pretty full most of the time and it doesn't sag much, if at all^,^
    this is what i have in the bag (mini wallet, makeup, sunglasses w/ case, keys, hand cream, cellphone, pen)
    the handles will stretch before the bag sags
  3. The handles stretch too??? :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  4. yes, they do.....very very very slowly and graduately(think a couple of years), think leather shoes, it takes a while to get them 'worn in' right? same thing. but it's nothing dramatic, and don't worry too much about it, just enjoy your bag, you won't even notice the stretch, it's really very slight, and all of these just give the bag more character:smile:
  5. I line the weekender with a cardboard wrapped in white t shirt.
  6. i doubt the bottom of the bag will sag...

    i'm kind of worry about the screw/rivet that holds the handle and the bag together though...that part could really scretch.
  7. I never notice if my black First sags or not. The handles do stretch but I don't mind. I love the look of a "worn in" b-bag. :love:
  8. My FIRSTS don't sag at all. the stretch nicely!! I love it. I don't like it flat.
  9. I love the sag look :biggrin:

    but the first doesn't sag, the handles will stretch after awhile though!
  10. I think what you're talking about is the way the handles pull up the leather on the side of the bag. I'm not sure I like that either about the b'bag, but it's normal and it took me awhile to realize that it doesn't mean that anything is going to rip.
  11. I've never had a problem with sagging with my first or my city. I just don't see my bbags as saggy problems.
  12. personally, i love saggy bags :p
    i prefer them to be saggy than stiff. but i think it's rare for a first to sag.
  13. I LOVE every "saggy" part of my bags - they are b-bags! That's why I keep buying them and loving them!:yahoo:
  14. I love the 'worn in' look, esp. on bbags as the leather is so soft :smile:
    Don't worry about your bag saggin or handles stretching - they'd only add character
  15. Exchange it for a Chanel. J/K! The slouchier, saggier, and stretchable the better as these are a balenciaga's endearing characteristics. It's also why gals seek the softest leather possible. Don't change anything and carry it with pride. If it bothers you that much, you might feel better with a more structured bag, but once you get used your first, I'm sure you'll be happy with how it's supposed to hang.