how do i pay personalshoppers?

  1. I'm thinking of buying an item from personalshoppers. A classic medium flap, actually. Unfortunately, I have no eBay in my country. What do I do? My only choices are western union or bank wire transfer.
  2. Sorry, mods. Double post. Anyway, I wish to purchase an item from personalshoppers. Personalshoppers is a trusted seller, right? So maybe it's okay to do western union or bank wire transfer with her? Has anybody experienced this with her her before?
  3. She is a trusted seller, but not sure the best way to send her money. I am sure you two can work it out. Good luck
  4. i have bought from personalshoppers. I've used bankwire to transfer money into her account. She is a very nice lady she might be able to help you out if you email her.