how do i pay personalshoppers?

  1. I'm thinking of buying an item from personalshoppers. Unfortunately, I have no eBay in my country. What do I do? My only choices are western union or bank wire transfer.
  2. if you don't have eBay account, then how can you shop from personalshopper? try Paypal or Ubid instead of western union/bank wire. good luck.
  3. Sorry. I meant no paypal in my country. I'm actually considering western union or bank wire transfer. Just a bit scared..
  4. She says she takes "Western Union or international money order in USD." I have purchased from her several times and I have to say that I trust her. Just e-mail her and she responds quickly. Good luck with your purchase! =)
  5. I have been trading e-mails with her for the last couple of days. She seems really nice and very helpful. I would definitely buy a bag from her. Thinking of getting a black patent 2.55 reissue from her.
  6. no paypal? darn..i love paypal buyer credit!!!
  7. Wow. I've never heard of these people. I'm assuming they have a good reputation and sell authentic stuff? Some of those CHANEL bags on their site are really cute.