How do I paste/save an image that is in Flash?

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  1. Sometimes I want to paste or save a bag image, but the site is showing the image on Adobe Flash Player. Normally I just right click and then cut or save, but that doesn't work w/ Flash.

    Any suggestions?
  2. You need to do a screen shot :idea:

    Are you on a Mac or a Windows PC?
  3. If you are on a windows PC you need to click on the button on your keyboard that says "print screen". Then you can edit it by cropping out the rest of the page shown :yes:
  4. I'm on a pc

    Ah, thanks! Probably a silly q: Where do you usually paste the image in order to edit it? (Like if I don't want to just paste the whole page into a post)
  5. You need to paste the Print Screen into an image processing program like Paint. Then crop it out to just show the item you wanted to capture in the first place.
  6. Success! Magical.

    Thanks guys.