How do I partially refund? I click the refund link, but it only comes up full refund?

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  2. Go to the PayPal payment you want to partially refund. At the bottom of the page, click on the words Refund Payment. Another page will come up. Right above the big empty box where you can type a note to the buyer, you will see the words Refund Amount. In the box next to it, you will see the ORIGINAL amount of the payment you received. Simply back that original amount out with your Backspace key and type in the partial amount you want to refund. Hit Continue at the bottom of the page and PayPal will then take you to another page to confirm and send the partial payment amount you just entered.

    Good luck!
  3. For the past 6 weeks Paypal have been haing isues with the partial refund button, twice I have had to phone up and they have set it up manually for me!
  4. Hi - i have not had any problems in partially refunding - have managed to do one today for an item that was too small - refunded the original cost of the purchase but not the cost of the postal charges.
  5. I refunded her and she left me positive feedback...what feedback should i leave her?
  6. Leave her positive feedback.