how do i pack a super small item?

  1. I am going to send out a pair of chanel earrings. yes, they do come with the chanel box, but it's still a pretty small item. I am going to send it through USPS Priority - domestic shipping. I am probably going to send it using the priority envelope. do you guys think that is ok? should i wrap the chanel box with something else first? Thanks in advance for any advice. :yes:
  2. if you are using a priority envelope and not a little box, i would say to wrap it further in bubble wrap. and def use a tracking number or econ delivery number!
  3. what is econ delivery number? I will get tracking number and insurance. Hmms, and I suppose I will have to buy the bubble wrap. Are those enough? :biggrin:
  4. Use a small Prioity Mail Box. I would not trust an envelope, even if padded.
  5. I agree. Use the small priority box. Its tight and safe.
  6. ^^ ahhhh I LOVE Judge Judy, lol!

    ok back to topic... id say the small rectangular priority mail boxes ;)
  7. And another vote for the "video" boxes-they are small, you can put padding on either side of the Chanel box, and they will absorb all the (potential) blows-thats what I used-when a package is too small, they get lost and mangled-
  8. Definitely pack it with something else! if you don't have bubble wrap, then shredded paper works wonders :biggrin:
  9. Definitely use a box. Better safe than sorry.
  10. I would definately use an outside box. Wrap the Channel box in something (i.e., bubblewrap, paper, etc.) so that it's snug. If you have any little plastic bags, I would place each with some paper inside it's own baggie. That's what I receie when I order jewlery from high end department stores.
  11. USPS priority is the same price up till 1 go for a box, stuff it with tissue paper or bubble wrap, etc.
  12. I agree with all the above posters- use the small priority box and wrap the chanel box with bubble wrap to protect it in case the box gets wet.
  13. Id just stick it in a bubble envelope :S They're safe enough
  14. Oh, I read all these only after I have shipped the item. except for photo obsessive's of course.

    anyway, the earrings are in a chanel box, then the chanel box is wrapped with Nordstrom paper. and then I put it in a bubble wrap envelope that they sell at the post office. after that, i put the bubble wrap envelope in a priority envelope. I hope that is enough..