How do I order from JAX?

  1. I wanted to call and see if they still have the crimson stripe beauty case and/or wristlet. I have a credit to use. Do I tell them what I'm looking for or do I need an item #?

    If I need an item # -- does anybody know what those are? I think they were posted at one time but I've been searching and searching and cannot find them...

  2. They still have both items in crimson; I called last week asking about them. The style number for the beauty case is 40025. The wristlet is 40028. Just call the 1-800 number and give them these item numbers and you will be good to go!
  3. Thank you Sarah! Calling now...
  4. They are being sent to me! :yahoo: Along with the silver/crimson trigger keyfobabob-thingie... :p

    I didn't want the large beauty case, so this worked out perfectly! And I love anything in red. :yes:
  5. I wonder if they have the punch stripe beauty case. I might have to give them a call...

  6. YAY! The medium size beauty case is great. Post pics when you get them! GREAT buys!!!!
  7. Ohhh medium crimson beauty case?? Oh mann I may have to sell my scribble case for that baby.... O_O
  8. I really wanted this coin case, too, but they didn't have it red anymore. They must've had it in other colors though because she acted like it was there -- but when I said crimson, she said no. #6768

    Pic from eBay:
  9. I see that coin case on eBay all the time. Usually in the 90/80 range. How much is it retail?
  10. She said it was $88...
  11. I'm debating-- if I take the AM's job at Coach it's a slight paycut from my much-hated desk job, which will come out of my mad money fund, so I haven't ordered the medium beauty case or the wristlet in crimson yet but I am so paranoid they will be gone! I really want the beauty case.
  12. Life is too short! :yes: Order the beauty case!

    And as for the job, there is a lot to be said for doing something you love for less $$... than sticking with a job you hate!
  13. I was checking on the Coach website and I saw a listing for the large beauty case, but not for the medium beauty case. Does anyone know the price of the medium beauty case? I so need one in crimson too!
  14. ^^ I paid $68!!
  15. Thanks so much!