How do I market my cute purses on ebay?

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  1. I'm sure my purses are very cute & unique. But I don't know market to many buyers.
  2. hey fellow vietnamese ;)
    i cant help you w your question but good luck
  3. btw, selling on ebay is not a good idea since these are handmade and not in really high deman or profit like other designers. you will find selling it as sovernir to tourists. plus, shipping international is expensive, even more than the cost to make the bag itself.

    but they are beautiful
  4. No, Shipping just is $10 or less
    So how about selling on
  5. whats
  6. what bags are we talking about?i cant see any piccys?
  7. etsy maybe like ebay. sell all handmade stuffes
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  9. you make your own bags? Post some pictures?
  10. wow! im impressed.:woohoo: im the least crafty person i know (well, i can sew buttons onto shirts and thats it)!

    do you have tourist markets that you could sell them at (like a stall every weekend?) i would try selling them on ebay cause people want unique gifts - thats the angle i would take - that each one is individual and hand crafted ... and make the price reasonable (if you do BIN). I'm in advertising so i can help with the 'persuasive language' :roflmfao:
  11. sorry, no one is allowed to advertise here!
  12. sorry, double post
  13. They are really nice. I can really see them selling in an individual boutique or classy market. You need some contacts in other places. Hopefully someone can help.
  14. I'd go with Etsy and Good luck!