How do I make my listing private - buyer ID private?

  1. I've never done this as I've heard cons and pros, but I'm going to be listing an item that is quite high and I don't want people harrassing my buyer when it's over. I know eBay makes bidder ID's private over a certain amount, but then once the auction ends, it shows the ID of the winner. I don't want that shown, so if anyone can tell me where to make this private, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!
  2. There is an option on the top when you are composing your listing. It is above your Title line:

    To show or hide optional features, e.g. International Shipping, on this page, click the Show/Hide Options link.

    Click on that link so you can add the private feature in your listing.
  3. thanks much lovemyangels!