How do I make my hair grow faster?

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  1. Last Saturday I had to get rid of split ends (about 5 inches). I feel horrible, my hair is too short for my taste now! besides, I don't look good with short hair :sad::crybaby:
    I was holding it because my hair takes forever to grow that long (even with regular trims) but it was inevitable, hair was damaged! Why does my hair takes FOREVER to grow? Any suggestions?
  2. I was just going to ask the same thing! LOL! My regular hair stylist is on maternity leave and the person I've been going to instead must have misunderstood me or something, b/c she cut way too much hair off! I can't even get it back in a ponytail or bun now (and I need to for dance).

    Are there some sort of special vitamins one can take to help it grow faster? I, too, am anxious for help!
  3. :nogood:
  4. Prenatal vitamins. Good for skin and hair.
  5. yes - thank you for the link to the article!
  6. problem it was probably stress due to school + full time job, now that I'm done with school I might probably see improvements! + will try the vitamins mentioned in the article. Thank you! :nuts:
  7. My thyroid became underactive and my hair has gotten so thin :sad:
    I'm going to try there vitamins and amino acids.
  8. anything with biotin! i take it every day and it did wonders for my hair!

    anytime a client asks me, that's what i reccommend and the majority of my clients were pleased!

    go to your local health food store .. and there will be tons to choose from - and usually they are labelled according [ hair & skin vitamins! ] -- but double check for biotin :]
  9. I am taking these vitamins I bought at Wal-Mart called "Hair, Skin, and Nails." They are making my nails grow like mad, and I have only been taking them for a week! I cut my hair a few days ago because of damage. It is also very thin, and I am trying to help it grow back in thicker. I lost too much weight and the changes were very obvious in my hair. My stylist told me that vitamins are really important. She also told me to stay away from the flat iron and too avoid using shampoo that have protein in it (for everyday washing anyway). She said that too much protein can make the hair break. I didn't know that before. Shouldn't be a problem for me though because I don't wash my hair everyday anyway.
  10. This is going to sound really weird but eat a lot of Jello. Around 1 packet a day. It sounds crazy but it worked for me. Someone said it was all that gelatin.. it promotes hair growth.