How Do I Look

  1. Props to Leelee for inspiring this thread!

    My favorite thing about this show is that I remember Finola Hughes from waaay back in the year 400 BC or thereabouts when she played an important character in a popular soap opera.

    So when I watch her listening earnestly to the guest star's fashion woes, her expression looks for all the world as if she were revealing something extremely shocking to Duke on the subject of little Robin's parenthood... :supacool:
  2. Finola must be mummified. She still looks so fabulous. Better now then on her General Hospital days. I remember watching her on GH with my Momster when I was a little girl. I am 32 now!
  3. Her surgeon is a genius. I would be willing to bet that at least 75% of her fan mail includes a request for her/his name and number!
  4. Wow! I had no idea she had been around for so long. She doesn't appear old enough at all! I really do like the concern and empathy she shows to her makeover guests. It appears she genuinely wants to set them on the path to a better life...beginning with their appearance.
  5. DH says her face looks like "skeletor" but I think she's really pretty. I used to watch the show alot, but not so much anymore (for no particular reason).
  6. I know this is an old thread, but I just saw a commercial for the new season. There is a new host! Just from the previews, the new season looks VERY different. It did need a little kick, but i liked Finola. :sad:
  7. I love this show and I love Finola!

    ... But I do think Finola's gotten a bit too thin lately. I don't mean any offense to anyone by this, but I think sometimes when women get to a certain age they look better when they gain a little weight to fill their face out. It almost always looks better than being underweight & having fillers injected IMO...
  8. ^ YES! Being too thin can age you inside and out!

    Finola has a beautiful face and head of hair.

    I am iffy on the fact that they let the person choose their wardrobe from the 3 choices - I mean the whole point is that the person couldn't dress themselves in the first place!

    I love all the hugs and tears and feel goods at the end :biggrin:
  9. The new season began last night. Did anyone watch?

    According to IMDB, the new host (Jeannie Mae) was once an aspiring actress and appeared in Playboy. She's very beautiful and her voice reminds me of the girl who plays London on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (I have a lot of kids in my life which is why I know this :lol:). She seems nice and all of that, but I miss Finola! :sad:

    I am not sure how I feel about the new format though and especially the new set. The old set was very homey and comfortable. This one is just kind of cold and modern.
  10. ITA. I'm just not feeling it.
  11. Wow, I loved this show and Finola...yeah she is pretty much ageless (I remember her from the soaps too). And she had a really good "bedside manner" with the guests, KWIM? She really cared.

    I'll never forget that one epi with Plum, that pouty, cranky girl. Sheesh. Finola handled it beautifully.

    New host is going to have a tough act to follow!
  12. ITA. Finola had heart and as though she really wanted to make a difference in people's lives. The new host seemed a little like, "OMG! Like, let's do makeovers and look super cute!" :lol:
  13. Watched it today and sorry to say, not feeling the new host. too valley girl for me.
  14. i don't have anything against the new host, but i liked finola as a host a lot better.

    to be honest, i don't even really understand why they changed everything (the set, the host), around.
  15. Did anyone see the episode last night with the 24 year old teacher who dressed like a little girl? Her hair was in pigtails, and she was wearing a dress that she got when she was 4.

    The whole episode seemed stage to me. Does anyone else think that some people pretend to be extreme fashion victims just so they can get some 15 minutes of fame on TV, a new wardrobe, and a makeover?

    I've seen it in many makeover shows. The person supposedly HATES fashion walking into the show and an hour later they are obsessed with it and are posing like glamazons.