How Do I Look ? Vs The Look For Less

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  1. Which show do you think does the best makeovers ?
  2. I've never heard of those shows!

    But I love Stacey & Clinton from WNTW.
  3. The look for less is more fun to watch.
    I love the style network, stripped is my favorite show on that chanel
  4. I really miss having the Style Network. My current cable service doesn't carry it. Coach, I used to love watching Stripped too!
  5. i love both....the ppl usually end up looking better on how do i look but the look for less is so much fun to watch plus i love yoanna.......
  6. I think The Look for Less is really fun! Half the time the outfits look terrible but after all, they only took an hour. I just find the whole concept really inspiration.
  7. I like The Look for Less better. How Do I Look can get real emotional or go really bad. So does Look for Less but I haven't seen it yet and I've seen a couple on How Do I Look.