How do I look after Glove leather??

  1. Hi, as posted previously, I have bought the Magenta Hanover in Glove leather.
    Is there anything I need to be aware of to prolong it's life.
    I've always sprayed my darwin and kept it out of the rain, but can I spray this bag as I'm worried it might fade the colour etc??
    Any advice would be great...
  2. There should be a care card that will come with the bag to tell you how to care for it. I've got a glove Bayswater and I can't remember what the card said but I've done nothing to it - haven't sprayed it or anything. The darwin leather is untreated, hence it needs to be protected; I think the glove is a treated, finished leather and should, therefore, not need any specific care other than the usual avoiding stains, keeping stuffed in dustbag when not in use etc.

    But maybe someone has the care card to hand and could let you know.

    Bet you can't wait for the bag to arrive now :yahoo:
  3. Should be with me Tues/Weds, post permitting. Not sure whether to take with me on my hols next Sat?? I'd bought a pink Ledbury for that????Decisions, decisions???
  4. I'd forgotten about your Ledbury. Have you bought 2 Mulberries in, like, a month?! I like your style :tup:

    Bring 'em both with you :lol:
  5. No, I must admit I've also bought the Ledbury in Choc too....
    Had a huge clear out of my Radleys I don't use any more, since I discovered Mulberry, so I'm probably still in credit at the mo, so hubby won't really notice!!
  6. I have a glove leather pale pink bayswater, if you go to a mulberry consession they will give you a nourishing creme which you can use to clean or maintain the leather depending on how much you use! Perhaps ask the SA to send some when she packages your bag for you?! Congrats by the way!
  7. Well this is not recommended by Mulberry - but I use Clarks premuim leather cream - it works a treat and have used it on all my mulberrys!
  8. yep,I use good quality cream too,and have even been lazy enough to use Clarks protecting spray!!!! I have three Mulberrys,the oldest is now 4,and looks fab still,I think whatever you do,don't ingnore proection of any sort and you won't go far wrong,btw, mine have all aged beautifully,hope this helps you,and congrats on your purchase!!!!