How do I know it is the same mattresse set?

  1. I think the purse forum is a wisdom fountain. I believe that whenever I need help in anything, there will always be someone kind and wise to provide sage advice. In my previous threads, I got my answers for questions such as how much to tip, which is a good work tote, and which leather looks best in gold birkins. This time, I have a question about mattresses.

    My daughter and her friend are shopping for mattresses for their new apartment in NYC. They went to Sleepy's first and then Macy's. Since Macy's is running a sale (extra $100 off and free shipping). both girls decided to get Simmons Beautyrest Classic Felicia (firm) from Macy's. Just now, they went back to Sleepy's to get back their downpayment that they paid earlier for holding some mattresse sets. The salesman at Sleepy's said they would match Macy's price for the exact same mattresse sets with an additional 20% off.

    I thought the deal sounded suspicious, so I checked Sleepy's website. Indeed, Sleepy's is offering price-matching with extra 20% off. Sounds like a great deal. The only confusing part is that Sleepy's is matching with something that it claims to be equivalent but calls a different name - Hamlet. I can't check with Simmons now, because it is closed. Wonder if you wise ladies and gentlemen here have had similar experience? You opinion will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Did the guy show the Hamlet to your daughter to see if it is simialr in comfort and stuff? The deal sounds great, but a mattress's durability and support is so important. Have her ask about the coil count and extra features and compare the two.
  3. Has anyone ever heard of hamlet? Personally, I haven't...Simmons is a good name...I wonder if it is 'too good to be true'.
  4. i don;t know if this would matter to you or not, but i recently found out that in Massachusetts stores are allowed to sell their returned mattresses. ask the shops if they do that- the discount could be because it's a returned, used, repackaged mattress.
  5. We bought a mattress set recently and I noticed while trying to do price comparisons that it wasn't possible because every store called their models something different (Simmons Hamlet at one store might = Simmons Willow at another store). I don't know how this works. Most important thing is if she tries it in shop and it feels good and they'll give her a good deal AND make sure it's not used.....then I don't see why not, I would probably do it.
  6. Ewww, I didn't know they could resell it. I'll be sure to remember this when I buy a mattress.