How do I know if is real or not??

  1. I want to buy my first Balenciaga bag but I don't know much of them except that I must have one LOL so I will like to know if you girls can give me some tips, I live in Costa Rica so I have to buy it online I guess from eBay or if you can point me to another site that sales originals would be great.

  2. is an authorized seller, email them and they'll send you a pdf file of their available stuff. not all the new 07 stuff will be in just yet though over there. good luck!
  3. Here is the best resource around for research:

  4. i think u can always ask our kind tpfers here :smile:
  5. oooh, u're the girl from handbag & purses forum who just bought a jimmy choo right? :p
    i hope you'll find ur perfect b bags soon:yahoo:
  6. LOL Yes it's me!!! I decided I have to catch up with everybody here so I will buy and buy and buy more bags... or just the bbag and dream about the others !!!

    If any one can give me tips now I know one thing for sure, the color I want is turquoise or some kind of bright celest...