How do I know if I'm VIP?

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  1. Hello, I recently go shopping to shop Strasbourg and they offered me an Ice Tea and cakes.I read that the VIP guests receive drinks (champagne, water ...) and snacks while I am or was it just a courtesy?

  2. I get drinks and snacks every time I go there.

    But I didn't get a fancy holiday gift. So guess I'm not a VIP. Hmph.
  3. I think they give you some sort of gift. I'm sure a VIP will chime in.
  4. it is a nice courtesy which I think is great customers service
  5. Yes! Service shop Strasbourg is great. The shop is small but they are very nice. They all smile
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    VIP means very important person so that is a term for celebrities, politicians, etc. sometimes stores will shut down for a celebrity, however it is rare. If you are famous, you are likely a VIP regardless of spending habits. It is because of the status not the purchasing.

    VIC means very important customer. You would likely know if you reached VIC status via a gift. Your SA will set up VIC experiences in other stores if they consider you at that level within LV. Then you will be treated that way not only by your SA but also when other stores are alerted within enough time, to your arrival. Allegedly, VICs can have store shut down for them though this is ulta rare.

    We had some SAs on this for long ago. There is not set standard for reaching VIC status. A goid relationship with an SA can get you there quickly. Also, the spending of $25,000 (probably an old figure now) was said to get noticed within LV. It still isn't controlling but the SA said that number will get attention if there has otherwise not been any given.

  7. I 've been offered water , champagne, coffee every time. And I'm not a VIP.
  8. Lucky you ! They've never fed me :shucks:
  9. Wow, surprised that such good service given even when you are not a VIP. Don't think I will ever be a VIC . Don't have such spending power. Oh well, I'm happy I got my LVs Lvoes!!
  10. my SA generally offers me water, tea. a good relationship with your SA will reap surprising rewards!! But I have learned you do have to spend the money in order to get noticed. Once you start visiting the LVstore repetitively and getting to know all the SA and making purchases you will see different treatment
  11. If I go shopping today buy a pair of shoes and I come back to the store tomorrow buy a pegase suitcase I have another treatment? Ahahah
  12. I've been offered drinks, party invites, etc. But am not a VIC. Honestly, I'm treated so well at my boutique, I don't care if I'm considered VIC or not.
  13. I don't spend enough to be a VIC but I have never seen another customer treated like a VIC unless they are bringing them to a special room to give them these treats like tea, cookies, etc. I've been offered water and espresso but not every time. I live in the SF area and the store I go to is always super busy.
  14. I usually shop at Saks in NYC. I've never seen anyone being brought into a separate room. To my knowledge, there are no separate rooms. But there could be.

    I've been offered water by cosmetic SA's, fragrance SA's, jewelry SA's, but never LV SA's.
  15. You're a VIC if you receive a gift from LV such as a snow globe, paperweight, etc. To get offered tea, be invited to events, etc is dependent on your SA, but nothing out of the norm. Actually I would think this should be standard during non-busy times in most stores. It would add that nice touch of luxury that should be associated with the brand.