how do i know if i need to apple?


Jun 20, 2007
Canada Eh!
my black leather sabrina is starting to feel a little rough in a couple spots. should i apple condition it? will that change the texture of the bag at all or make it even more slouchy? any colour loss w black leather?
Dec 1, 2008
I couldn't tell you about color loss with the black leather, but there was a minor amount when I appled my teal and cherry leather sabrinas (though not a lot, and I don't believe it's noticeable... both bags are so color-saturated as it is).

I would try rubbing a little conditioner in with your fingers, veeery gently and only in the areas where the roughness is occuring. I wouldn't buff a lot, if you're worried about color loss. See what happens, and if it's fine, I'd apply conditioner to the entire bag in the same manner. This seems to work well for bags with delicate leather (like the croc-embossed Madisons... which I've appled in specific areas where I felt more moisture was needed). I would always apply less in the beginning, until you're certain it will work well and not harm the texture in any way.