How do I keep it clean??

  1. Help! Does anyone own anything from the girly pink blossom collection? does it stay clean??

    I have the pink girly Dior wristlet that looks exactly like the wapity from LV. The white canvas is so WHITE that i'm scared to use it. Is there some stain repellent spray that i can use? or is it a lost cause and i should just sell it? any advice is appreciated..
  2. I would be interested in knowing that too. I was thinking that maybe Scotchgard will be a good spray but reading their website info, I'm not so sure anymore. I'm trying to protect a logo canvas model too (the vintage flowers with uncoated cotton canvas) and I don't want the protectant spray to dissolve the logos on the fabric. I'll probably call Dior today to check, but I doubt they will be able to help me unless they see what I'm talking about.

    But in any case, don't sell it. It's totally discontinued now and you'll be wearing something that a lot of other people don't have. I actually haven't seen the wristlet version of the girly blossoms bag so I think it's quite rare.
  3. When my canvas bags or my canvas boots are a little bit dirty,my trick is:
    a white eraser.Important:you must never use a pink or blue(for pens)eraser,it could coloured the canvas)The result is good.
    About a prevent treatment,you're right,the best is to call Dior.Hope this help!
  4. Thank you for your advice anilouann! Dior got back to me today and told me that Scotchgard may be appropriate but if there is leather on the bag then I should just forget it.

    BUT, she did recommend that I use a water repellant spray that I can get at a shoe store (the spray works for both leathers and fabrics), although she recommended that I go to a shoe repair store to ask about it just in case because repair shops have experience with many fabrics.

    Has anyone used a water repellant on their uncoated canvas bags? My logo canvas has embroideries on it, and I'm afraid that I'll make the colors from the embroideries bleed because of the spray. Also, I'm not sure if the spray will cause the logos to dissolve in any sort of way.

    Thanks a million in advance for your help!
  5. i kinda wish their bags were coated now..