How do I Hint to hubby that I want LV for Christmas and a short story

  1. Hubby is out of town on business for the holidays and I am with him. We are 4 BLOCKS from a LV store.

    Hubby had a holiday party and I bought a new dress, new bag, jewelry etc...I really wanted to look special. Anyway this has ever happened before but hubby hated the whole outfit. He is a little older than I and I think my outfit was a little too trendy for him.
    I mentioned returning everything except the bag and it sort of slipped out how much I paid for the bag and he sort of flipped out. I assume its only because I am not working right now. Anyway I returned the bag and last night at dinner hubby said he felt bad and he knew how much I loved the purse and he wanted me to keep it. I told him I had already taken it back and he looked sad and said are you sure you are ok with this and I said yes. Honestly I think if I had wanted to back to the store and get it he would have handed me his charge card. He really is a wonderful man...

    Anyway hubby could never pick out a bag for me but I would love a LV gift card. I found a way to mention today tat they have them now but he didn't pick up the hint...
    any ideas girls...
  2. No offense, but perhaps your DH flipped out regarding the price of your LV bag because of your current employment situation ??? So, I'm sure he already knows how much you like LV, but if its not possible for him for whatever reason, no amount of hinting will get him to submit.

    Perhaps a gift card to Elux would seem less of a problem, since they sell other things than LV, that way you could at least have access to LV, yet it would seem like it was available to those who can't spend hundreds at LV ??
  3. The bag wasn't a LV...
    I freelance so I am in and out of work all the time. My hubby just doesn't approve of spending so much money on a purse. There are many things he spends money on that I don't agree on..its how it is so there needs to be give and take.
    Usually when I buy a bag I don't tell him how much and his electronics...I don't ask....ha ha
  4. HI Handbag girl!

    I can understand your situation. I have not worked since I got married, so it's my hubby who supports my "passion" for bags. I recently celebrated my birthday (the last week of November!) and got a beautiful Mini Lin Speedy (Ebene) from my dear husband. But...we all know we girls have to have another bag for Xmas as well. NOt my fault my birthday's so near Xmas! :graucho:

    I didnt beat around the bush and told him straight I wanted another bag for Xmas. BUT...I did offer a compromise: a purse ban for atleast 10 months. He agreed: it works for me, and it works for him as well...ergo, both of us are happy. Don't get me hubby loves buying me bags! It's just that the thought of buying 2 bags in less than a month is too much for him.

    NOw, I have my new Gucci Positano sitting under the tree, waiting to be used and loved :p

    So my advise is to be upfront with him..but offer a compromise. Guys love it when THEY THINK they're making decisions :graucho:
  5. Go gently... and remind him every so often that what you want more than ANY other gift, is an LV or elux giftcard!

    I am SO lucky... hubby's salary pays for EVERYTHING for the family and my (paltry) little salary pays for my indulgences... LV and a piece of jewelry here and there. DH would NEVER in a MILLION BILLION JILLION years pay for a bag what I would.
  6. I think he just needs time to warm up to the idea. My DH was this way at first and now he gets it a lot more. Just be patient and keep dropping hints.
  7. I've been lucky...the past three years when I have been working I have been able to pay my half of the bills, save, and buy the occasional bag. When I am not working I generally try and abstain. Hubby has no idea what I pay for a long as I do my part I assume its better this way. Its a little tough now as hubby travels for a living and we decided that this year I would be with him for the holidays. I recently had to sell three of my bags that I adored due to a back problem (they were too big and heavy). I guess you could say I just wanted to replace the old with something new. Its tough to get away with bringing new stuff into the house when your not working I guess...even if you are replacing stuff you sold....
  8. take him into the store with you. you fall in love with the store or a bag and make a very nice point of it!