How do I HATE Ebay...let me count the ways...

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  1. GAH!!!! I HATE ebay!!!

    I listed two bags tonight and it would not let me add "immediate payment required" so I contacted LiveHelp.

    After being on hold for the better part of 30 minutes, they decide I have to cancel my listings and re-list and advise they would transfer me to billing so I can get credits for the two listings I have to cancel.

    So I wait on hold some more and some dude from billing comes online. He puts me on hold for another 10 minutes and then the a**hat disconnects the live help session.


    So I contact live help again and give them the previous session ID so they can read the whole saga without me having to go through it all again and after keeping me on hold for another 10 minutes, she comes back and says "so the problem you're having is that your listings don't show up yet?" WTF????? Um, no!!! Did you not read the transcript - after all, was I not just on hold for the past 10 minutes while you read it????? At this point I was ready to pull my hair out.

    20 more minutes later I was still waiting on hold.

    Then all of a sudden I can't log in to ebay. Right then I get an email saying someone unauthorized listed these two items and that they've cancelled my listings.

    Then, at least an hour and a half later (I'm sure more) after first contacting livehelp I am on hold for trust and safety live chat.

    That took another 25 or so minutes until they reinstated my account.

    Man how I HATE ebay!!!
  2. :flowers: I hope to never experience what you have.
    Here's a three-step remedy for what ails you: :hysteric::drinkup::tispy:Hope you regain your sanity soon!
  3. Yikes! And just in case you weren't aware, you can't add immediate payment required if you accept payments other then paypal, perhaps that is why you couldn't add it... it took me a few mins to figure that one out LOL
  4. I had to go through that just to sign in one day. Forgot my password and Ebay locked me out. It took all of the waiting you did, plus the guy had to contact me by phone. Once he did, he said I had old addresses listed on the account and had to remember them. Can you imagine digging up paperwork to find 3 previous addresses within that short amount of time just to sign into Ebay? So...I feel you.
  5. yikes! that happened to me the other day too! buy it now/ requiring immediate payment not showing up on one of my items... the other item i was able to list it fine with the option.. WTF?
  6. I was so freaking mad by the time it was all said and done last night. I really dread having to use live help. Once my listings were cancelled and I was able to get back into my account and relist them, I was able to add immediate payment with no problem.