How do I go about purchasing a 35 Birkin???

  1. This will be my first time and I want a brand new one in orange. I heard their is a waiting list and I don't know about color availability???
  2. hi, aside from waitlisting, you can buy the birkin from the H store if they ever stock one. sometimes, they r not displayed on the shelves. if u make friends with the H staff and be close to them by visiting the H store often, they may take out a birkin from the storeroom. U must show u're a serious customer.

    if u often travel or travelling in the future, always visit the H store in the country.

    Accessorize*me, a member of tpf here get her brand new orange birkin from Beijing H store. She is not even that familiar with the staff there but by luck, when she ask do you have any birkins at the storeroom, pop, the SA took out a orange birkin.

    i'll search her thread for you to read more of her story.
  3. thanx...I like it...but probably won't be traveling...I'd like to get it some how here in NY...35 Birkin in orange with silver I just go to Hermes and ask to order it???
  4. The waiting lists are closed as of 2006 although I heard FSH will re-open theirs this year, could be a rumor.
  5. I guess I'll just go down to Hermes and find out...thanx everyone
  6. good luck!