How do I go about hunting down a pair of glasses?

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  1. So I'm in love with a pair of optical glasses. I have the model #. Will I be able to call Saks, NM, Nordstrom, boutiques, etc., give them this model #, and have them hunt down a pair?

    Has anyone done this or had any experience? :confused1:
  2. I would try a google search or ask a chanel eyeglass dealer. Good luck!
  3. if you go on the chanel website you can find which stores carry chanel eyewear near you.
  4. Im not sure departments stores carry the glasses, just sunglasses. Try lenscrafters or some online stores.
  5. do a google or yahoo search
  6. yeah first thing i did was google it, came up with a bunch of online retailers im pretty sure are sketchy...guess i will try my lenscrafters... thanks guys!
  7. You can either call the Chanel 800 number at 800.550.0005 for a search of inventory or call an optical store authorized to sell Chanel eyeglasses and have them order you a pair. I did the second option to find my pair of eyeglasses.
  8. how legit is the
    the prices are so nice for chanel glasses, but im skeptical regardless of their announcement of 100% authenticity guaranteed.
    Have any of you guys ordered from here?
  9. Call every store poss and if u need hel pm me