How do I go about cleaning my Chanel J12???

  1. My watch is the white ceramic with a diamond bezel and would like any tips on how to clean it with out ruining it???
  2. I would take it back to Chanel and have them clean it.
  3. okay...will do...thanx!!!
  4. bump this:

    do I have to bring the box and cards and everything? is there a fee? TIA!
  5. This is an old post but I figure I'll bump it because its relevant..

    Has anyone taken their watches to Chanel for cleaning?
    My watch is generally still pristine white everywhere else except on the underside of the band. I noticed that the round notches that I think covers the pins for the links have yellowed considerably over time. I'm thinking its my self-tanner that made it that way. :sad: Does anyone else have the same issues?
    Any input is appreciated.
  6. I would also like to find out more information about taking my watch to chanel to get it cleaned... How often do you j12 owners take it in to your local boutique? Is this a free service or is there a fee?
  7. I ended up taking it to my local Chanel boutique! It took less than 5 minutes and was complimentary! The SA that helped me said that I can also clean it at home with water and an old toothbrush to ensure that the inner part of the links don't "stain"
  8. it seems chanel boutiques vary on this, some locations have someone in-house who feels comfortable doing the cleaning in the boutique while others prefer to send it back to chanel to be cleaned. also sometimes Neiman Marcus or Saks has someone better at cleaning watches too!
  9. i have j12 index dia and i use tooth brush. and cleaning and battery change was around 200 i think,, but not sure,, it was done in 2010 and dont remember exact price for cleaning and battery change.