How do I get the elastic in my workout pants to not twist when washed?

  1. Ok - I'll be the first to tell you I am the furthest thing from a domestic diva :shame:

    With that being said … I need help!
    Seems every time I wash my overpriced, hi dollar workout pants with an elastic waist – the elastic twist up and the pant never feel right again.
    I’ve spent over an hour with this last pair trying to get the elastic to lay flat again and no luck.

    Any suggestions?:shrugs:
  2. any suggestions?:shrugs:
  3. don't try to twist it after washed just hang up it and wait it until it dry so that it couldn't deform...
  4. safety pins! that's what my mom does. Just put a few safety pins around the waist band.
  5. thank you for your thoughts ladies :smile:
    What do I do once its all twisited up?
  6. I feel your pain - this happens w/my $70 training pants from Lucy! So annoying considering the price point. I also find myself rolling the waistband down when I wear so that they are in a comfortable and flattering position.
  7. When I roll my waistband down I have alot going on with the elastic twisting and just didn't know if I should crack a seem try to straighten it out or what:shrugs: