How do I get spot off my Maxenes?

  1. Got some spots on the toes of my Maxene boots...I was helping my friend with drinks in the kitchen and got a few drips of I have no idea what. What's the best way to clean them? I'm really afraid of discoloring the leather (whiskey) but would like to get the spots out if possible.
  2. maybe that apple conditioner everyone has been talking about
  3. Do you know what kind of leather they are made of?
  4. The Maxenes and the Weslyn Boots are made from Vintage Legacy Leather.
    This means that when they get wet by rain or something else they will spot.
    The spots are supposed to meld/blend into the leather as you wear the product and
    as it ages but this might take a bit of time. There really is nothing you can do to remove the spots. Apple conditioner might protect the boots from future spots though.
  5. Thanks! I'll just have to deal with it then and wait for the spots to 'blend' on their own.
  6. try the moisturizer... i mean i know they re vintage leather but i have the black maxenes and cleaned it with the leather cleaner, then moisturized it with the leather conditionner... but i would try JUST the conditionner on the whiskey