How do I get rid of the metal smell?

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  1. I am an odd individual. I cannot stand the smell of metal and unfortunately, I can often smell it from the hardware, buckles, and zippers of my B-bags. It drives me slightly nuts at times and I am constantly washing my hands when I carry my B-bag because the scent gets all over my hands. This has happened with every B-bag I bought whether it is brand spanking new from the back room of the store or lovingly used.

    Maybe I am just nuts....

    Please help me!

    Thanks in advance =)
  2. OH MY GOD!!! FINALLY! I was too embarassed to post this question myself, lol! Yes, when I carry my bbags and I touch the hardware or zipper, my hand smells all metallic, and it can be pretty strong. I even made some of my friends touch the metal and then smell their hand to see if it was just me! (EW that sounds so gross). It wasn't just me, so I carry Purel with me and use it if I accidentally touch the hardware. I think the HW must be made of brass. I love my bals too much to give them up because of the metal.
  3. Gosh, I'm usually sensitive to smells like this, but I've never noticed it on bbags. I'm glad because that would bug me!! Is the GH better in this respect?
  4. I have a very good sense of smell but I've never noticed this on my bbags. I hope you find a solution.
  5. i totally hate the smell of metal, but like fiatflux, i never noticed it on my bbags....

    try putting LMB on the hardware, that stuff STINKS and its pretty lethal....:nuts::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    i hope you find a solution!
  6. :wacko: Nice to know I'm not alone. I can't stand it either...that's why I haven't purchased a bag with a chain strap, although I love the look of them (esp Chanel Modern Chain) but I have never noticed it with my Bals! :confused1:

    Do you smell it on the metal itself, or only on your hands after you've handled the metal on your bag? I find this article pretty interesting...and it's the reason I asked that question.
  7. And here I thought you were NUTS!! :nuts: I guess your not alone, unless of course you are just using that as a cover since you like chains a little TOO much? :confused1:
  8. ^ only on my hands after handling the hardware of the bag... the actual bag smells like leather (gorgeous!), not metal. it's annoying though! it's the same smell after handling your keys or change :yucky:. I bet the GH bags don't have the same problem, since the hardware is finished, not raw / antiqued.

    The Purel seems to be my best solution! gets rid of the smell, and is a MUST HAVE if you ride the subway :p
  9. I told ya so!!! LOL!!! I wish it didn't bother me....loved the Modern Chain Chanel hobo (sent it back to NM immediately) but besides the metal smell knocking me over, it was heavy as lead!
  10. moving to Care & Feeding :wlae:
  11. Hilarious. I HATE that metal smell, too! But I have never experienced it with Bals because I never really have to touch the hardware. But what gets me is the metal hook part on a clothes hanger; when I'm shopping and I get that smell on my hands it don't like it. We're so weird!

    Edit: OK, just read the article, I guess it's just me, then.
  12. Read the article, very interesting....

    So again, how do I get rid of the smell? =P
  13. No clue...if you find out let me know! :yucky:
  14. :nuts: The secret is out? :nuts:
  15. Yep :shame:

    Still love my B-bags though :heart: